The Seal of the Spirit

December 14, 2006

When God sets his seal on a man’s heart by His Spirit, there is some holy stamp, some image impressed and left upon the heart by the Spirit, as by the seal upon the wax. And this holy stamp, or impressed image, exhibiting clear evidence to the conscience that the subject of it is a child of God, is the very thing which in Scripture is called the seal of the Spirit, and the witness or evidence of the Spirit. And this image enstamped by the Spirit on God’s children’s hearts is His own image. That is the evidence by which they are known to be God’s children, that they have the image of their Father stamped upon their hearts by the Spirit of adoption. — Jonathan Edwards

So, the critical question is — do we look like God? Do our lives reflect the character and nature of God? If they do not, we do not have the Spirit of God. If they do not, we are not saved.

“But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him.” (Romans 8:9)

If this post raises concerns for you, please talk to your pastor or someone you know to be a Christian. I would also encourage you to read the Bible. You might want to start in John, Mark or Romans.

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters

Source: Jonathan Edwards, The Religious Affections, p.160 (Banner of Truth Edition, 2004)