A Nation of Slackers

America is a nation of slackers. Too many young men refuse to grow up, get jobs, marry and be responsible fathers. Instead, they spend their hours watching movies and playing video games.

Proverbs has a lot to say about the slacker. (Read these). He is lazy, sleeps too much, refuses to work, makes excuses, can’t be trusted and will ultimately come to poverty and death. Yet, he thinks he is wise! (Proverbs 26:16)

Now you may be thinking, praise God – I’m not a slacker! But, we all need to pause and think. We may not lounge the day away, but many of us make excuses and avoid our God-given responsibilities. Sometimes, we may even excuse our responsibilities by pursuing other less important priorities.

Please take a moment to consider what roles and responsibilities God has given you.

  • Husbands, are you tending your family as carefully as your career – or are you slacking?
  • Wives, are you busy at home or are you eating the bread of idleness?
  • Young men and women, are you working hard to learn the skills and build the character that will make you a successful husband or wife?
  • Christian, are you spending time with God, or are you rolling over in bed?

The fate of the slacker is not pretty (Proverbs 21:25, 24:30-34). Don’t ignore your responsibilities. Remember that God blesses those who work hard (Proverbs 10:4, 12:24). Then, get out there and do what God has called you to do!

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters


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