Thirsting for God

David had a deep longing for God.  In Psalm 42 he describes the longing as that of a thirsty deer.  Yet,David’s longing was frustrated.  He was in exile and couldn’t worship with God’s people at God’s house (42:4).  He was discouraged and in despair.  But, he refused to stay there.Instead of letting his circumstances rule him, David turned to God in faith.  He reminded himself to “hope in God” (5,11).  He reminded himself that God would deliver Him.  God’s lovingkindness will not fail.  He would praise Him again.

Read Psalm 42 today.  Ask yourself, do I have this type of passion for God?  Am I disturbed when I can’t be with God’s people in God’s house?  When I am discouraged, do I turn to God, or to something else?

May give you a thirst that can only be satisfied in Him.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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