Psalm 38

In Psalm 38 we find both the personal cost of sin and the solution.  We don’t know the specific sin, but we know that David is suffering greatly.  He feels the weight of God’s anger (38:2).  His health is affected (38:3).  He feels isolated even from friends and loved ones (38:11).  His enemies are rising up against him (38:12).  Make no mistake, there is a cost to sin.  It may offer pleasure for a time, but the pain that follows far overshadows any passing pleasure.

But, David also gives a wonderful example of how to hope in God after we have sinned. First, he appeals to God’s mercy.  He asks God not to rebuke and chasten Him in anger (38:1).  Next, he remembers that his hope is completely in God (38:15).  He doesn’t need to fight his opponents, listen to their attacks or defend himself.  Instead, he does what all of us must do.  He confesses his iniquity (38:18).  He doesn’t try to hide it.  He takes it to God and asks God to help him and save him (38:22). 

How do you handle your sin?  Do you simply try to hide it and go on with life?  Or, do you follow the example of David and seek God’s mercy and salvation through humble, trusting confession?

Bible Reading: Numbers 3, Psalm 38, Song of Solomon 2, Hebrews 2


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