Living in the Last Days

In 2 Timothy 3 Paul reminds Timothy that the last days will not be pleasant.  The last days is a broad term that can (and in this context does) encompass the entire period from Jesus’ first coming to His second coming.  Paul makes it clear that things are not going to get better before the return of Jesus.  In fact, they will probably get worse.  Men will be marked by selfishness, rebellion, hate and treachery.  Interestingly, they will make claims to godliness (2 Tim 3:5), but really be lovers of pleasure (3:4).  Paul’s description certainly matches life in America today.  We should not be surprised by what we see in our culture and unfortunately even in the church, the Bible predicts it.

How it Timothy to respond to this?  How are we to respond?  First, we are to avoid these men.  When men profess to know God, but deny Him by their deeds, we are to avoid them.    They are like an infectious disease.  Paul is confident that these men will be exposed in time. Second, we are to continue in godliness and the Scripture.  It is the Scripture that will bring wisdom, salvation and equip us for every good work.  We may suffer and be persecuted, but we will be found faithful if we remain rooted in the Scripture in the midst of a decaying culture and church. 

Bible Reading: Leviticus 24, Psalm 31, Ecclesiastes 7, 2 Timothy 3


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