The Good Leader

This morning, I was reading in Proverbs 31 and was struck by the advice given to King Lemuel in verses 1-9.  It was instruction on what a good king is to and not do.  It seems that the following principles can be applied to any in leadership or positions of power.

  1. Don’t be distracted by pleasure, particularly by the desires for illicit sex (31:3).  Just think of all the leaders who have been brought down by sexual immorality.  It is a sobering thought.
  2. Don’t do anything that will dull your abilities to understand, apply and enforce God’s Law (31:4)
  3. Give comfort to those who are dying and despairing (31:6-7)
  4. Defend the helpless (31:8-9).  Be extremely careful to speak up for those without a voice or resources.
  5. Actively speak out for righteousness (31:9)
  6. Make sure your judgments (and decisions) are righteous (31:9)

As I look through this list, it convicts me.  The American evangelical church fails in many of these areas.  May God convict us.  May we repent.  May He raise up leaders and congregations who will be devoted to righteous leadership, as He defines it.  And, may He bless our nation with governmental leaders who will lead in accordance with these principles, as well as the many others throughout His Word.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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