The Bible on Spanking for California Legislators

Check out this link for an excellent explanation of why the Bible requires parents to spank their children as a loving and normal part of raising them up to love and honor God (link).  It is a Bible Study that Ralph Drollinger presented to some of the California state legislators.

As a resident of California and a parent, I am really glad there are people like Ralph Drollinger ministering to the legislators on capitol hill.  As some of you may know, there has recently been an effort to ban spanking of children under 4 in California.   This is a horrible idea that I personally oppose.

Please be praying for Ralph as he ministers in California.  I expect he will be facing some opposition for taking this stand.  Also, please be praying that the legislators in California will act with wisdom on this issue.  Pray that they will not make parenting more difficult for those who want to honor God.


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