Knowing the Bible to Know God

Here are some reasons from Calvin’s Institutes why we need the Bible to know God:

Without the Bible we might seek out false gods:

“God, the Aritificer of the universe, is made manifest to us in Scripture, and that what we ought to think of him is set forth there, lest we seek some uncertain deity by devious paths.” (1:71)

The Bible makes faith unambiguous

“For by his Word, God rendered faith unambiguous forever, a faith that should be superior to all opinion.” (1:71)

The Bible preserves the truth of God forever

“Finally, in order that truth might abide forever in the world with a continuing succession of teaching and survive through all ages, the same oracles he had given to the patriarchs it was his pleasure to have recorded, as it were on public tablets.” (1:71)

The Bible keeps us from falling into error about God

“Suppose we ponder how slippery is the fall of the human mind into forgetfulness of God, how great the tendency to every kind of error, how great the lust to fashion constantly new and artificial religions. Then we may perceive how necessary was such written proof of the heavenly doctrine, that it should neither perish through forgetfulness nor vanish through error nor be corrupted by the audacity of men.” (p.72)

Brothers and Sisters if we want to know God we need to be diligent students of the Bible. It is the place He reveals Himself clearly. We also must thank Him graciously giving us the Bible. Without it, we would be lost in a fog of darkness and confusion.

Quotations taken from the McNeill, Battles 2 vol. edition.


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