Scripture Memory Plans

If you are interested in starting a Scripture Memory program, I recommend using John Piper’s Fighter Verse System. You can get the current week’s from Desiring God here , or you can see a whole year’s worth here (you might need to do a search on fighter verses, I can’t seem to link the exact page directly). I would add the following review system.

  • Add the assigned verse each week to your daily review list.
  • Once you have six weeks worth on your daily list, begin moving them to a weekly review. I do this by moving the oldest verse on my daily list to Monday. Once I have six weeks worth I begin adding to Tuesday.
  • Don’t forget to add a new verse to your daily list as you move one off!
  • Once you have filled every day of the week, begin moving your oldest weekly review verses to a monthly or quarterly review plan.
  • I’ve been using this system since the beginning of the year and find it very manageable. If you use Outlook or a PDA you can put the verses into a repeatable task to remind you. Plus, if the verses are in the notes of the task, they are always there to review.

If you are already memorizing scripture and want to begin memorizing whole books of the Bible I recommend reading this article.

Remember, having a review system is the key.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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