Spiritual Leadership–A Generational Project

In his chapter in Dear Timothy, “Love Your Family” Tedd Tripp calls men to be spiritual leaders.  While referring to Deuteronomy 6:2 Tripp notes:

“Moses is giving men a long-term vision.  His focus is not survival or even getting through the week. The callings of spiritual leadership are so that you and your son and your son’s son may know and fear the Lord (verse 2).  This three-generation vision will help you resist the temptations to fall into the expediencies of the moment.  As fathers, we have bigger concerns than the moment–we are concerned with where our grandchildren will be fifty years from now.” (p.55)

Men, what are you doing right now to ensure that your descendants know and fear the Lord?  If you are single or newly married without kids are you immersing yourself in the Bible and building a biblical worldview?  Are you getting to know other godly fathers and learning from them?  Fathers, are you spending time with your kids instructing them in the ways of God?  Grandfathers, are you passing on your experiences of God’s faithfulness.  We all have a role to play.  Let’s work hard to pass the baton from generation to generation that God might be known and glorified.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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