I am continuing my journey through Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry edited by Tom Ascol. Today I was reading Tom Ascol’s chapter, “Establish Priorities.”

The chapter is structured around one basic question, “What, in order of priority, has God called you to be?” While he is aiming this question at pastors, it is appropriate for every Christian to consider and answer. So, “what in order of priority, has God called you to be?”

Here are Tom Ascol’s answers to help prime your thinking. They can be easily modified to your situation.

  1. A sincere, devoted follower of Jesus Christ. (Don’t take this for granted!)
  2. A husband. (“As a husband, it is my responsibility and privilege to reassure my wife that she is more important to me than any other human relationship that I have.” p.29)
  3. A father. (Don’t neglect your family for the sake of your ministry or your job)
  4. A pastor. (For those not called to ministry, insert your vocation here)
  5. A helper. (We need to serve others outside our immediate family and church)

Personally, I find Tom Ascol’s question and answer regarding priorities to be insightful, helpful and convicting. I don’t think they should be reordered: God, family, job, servant seems to be a very biblical balance. I pray that God will grant me and all of you the grace to set right priorities and live them out to the glory of God.

In Christ

Pastor Mike

P.S. You can find an article which seems to cover the same material as the chapter in the book here.


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