Eyes Like Job’s

Job 31:1 is a very important verse in my battle for personal holiness. America is a society that is built around sex. It is used to market virtually everything. We have long abandoned any sense of modesty. For men, this makes Biblical obedience difficult. Jesus is clear that we are not to look at a woman with the goal or intention of lusting after her. So, we need to follow the advice of Job – make a commitment not to look! We also need to follow the example of Joseph – flee!

One thing that has helped me is an agreement my wife and I have. We never go to a movie unless we have carefully researched whether or not it has inappropriate sexuality or nudity. We use www.kids-in-mind.com. I highly recommend it. Although I wouldn’t check any reviews that have a 6 or greater for sexuality. The explanation of why it got the rating, while done as tastefully as possible, can get a little racy. You may want to set the bar even lower. My wife also helps me by drawing my attention to her when we pass certain stores in the mall. When she is not there, I make an effort to look away or towards the ground.

These are just a few habits I’ve developed over the years to covenant with my eyes in an effort to avoid lust.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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