Children in Church

I have a 19 month old daughter, so I am not a practical expert in the area of children in church. However, I do believe that young children (as young as 3 or 4) can and should be with their parents during the Sunday morning worship service.

Please note, this is a personal conviction. I don’t impose it on others. I don’t judge others who come to a different conclusion. In fact, the church I pastor does offer a Kid’s Bible time during the sermon. However, I plan to have my children remain in church at a very young age. I have also seen a number of families do it very successfully; although, it is not easy!

Here are a couple of links that I’ve found helpful in thinking and planning for my daughter to attend and profit from the Sunday morning worship of the church:

Pastor Paul Martin: Helping Little Ones Sit in Church

John and Noel Piper: The Family Together in God’s Presence

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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