Review: The Peacemaking Pastor

The Peacemaking Pastor is was written by Alfred Poirier, the pastor of Rocky Mountain Community Church in Billings, Montana and the chairman of the board for Peacemaker Ministries. Poirier issues a stirring call for pastors to redefine their role to include Biblical Peacemaking as one of their chief responsibilities.

The book is organized in three main sections: who we are as people in conflict; who God is as a reconciling God, and how pastors are to effectively respond in shepherding their people.

Practically, he gives sound instruction on the nature of conflict, confession, forgiveness, conflict resolution within the church and the heart and practice of church discipline. He approaches all of these issues with sound Biblical insight, gracious humility and wise pastoral counsel. You will learn much as this seasoned pastor guides you down the paths of peace. He closes with some suggestions on how to develop a peacemaking culture in your church.

I found the chapters on church discipline and his explanation of how and why his church welcomed a convicted child molester into membership particularly helpful.

If you are a leader in your church, you should read this book. It is challenging, convicting and helpful. It will renew and restore your vision of what the Church of Jesus Christ should and can be.

If you are not a pastor, considering getting this book for your pastor. You may also be interested in The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande. It presents the same practical Biblical principles for both church leaders and lay people.

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