Be Different

We live in a world that values conformity. We face relentless pressure to be like the people around us, to fit in.

The Bible calls Christians to something very different. 1 John 3:1 tells Christians that they are children of God. It also tells them that the world will not recognize them. Why? Because it does not recognize Jesus (1 John 3:1). As a follower of Jesus, there should be something very different about your life.

If you continue reading 1 John 3 you will discover a few of these differences. You will characteristically practice righteousness (1 John 3:7). You will not characteristically practice sin (1 John 3:8). You will show love to your brother in tangible ways.

Ultimately, the world will hate you for this (1 John 3:13). Why? Because your deeds are righteous and the its are evil.

So, as you go about your day today, be different! Don’t blend in. Make people scratch their heads and even hate you as you do deeds of righteousness and love to others.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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