Eric Liddell’s Devotions

I have always been interested in Eric Liddell. I’ve admired his commitment and godliness. A while ago, I found a little book, The Disciplines of the Christian Life. It has a list of brief list of daily Scripture readings for each month, that Liddell believed focused on foundational issues in the Christian life. Unfortunately, the book is out of print, and is virtually impossible to find.

I have been using Liddell’s plan in leading family worship after dinner. The Scripture readings are brief and open up opportunities for discussion. Since the book is so hard to find, I’ve obtained permission to reprint the reading guide here. My hope is to post each month’s readings at the beginning of the month.

January’s focus on God’s Law, Prayer and the Bible. You can find them by clicking on this link and selecting: “Eric Liddell’s January Scripture List”

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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