You Don’t Need More Revelation

What is your faith based on?  Is it some experience?  Is it some idea that came into your mind?  Or is it the promises of a truthful and faithful God as revealed in the Bible?

The only certain foundation which any person has to believe that he is invited to partake of the blessings of the gospel, is, that the Word of God declares that persons so qualified as he is, are invited, and that God, who declares it, is true, and cannot lie.  If a sinner be once convinced of the veracity of God, and that the Scriptures are His word, He will need no more to convince and satisfy him that he is invited; for the Scriptures are full of invitations to sinners, to the chief of sinners, to come and partake of the benefits of the gospel; he will not want any new speaking of God to him; what he hath spoken already will be enough with him.  — Jonathan Edwards

Source: Jonathan Edwards, The Religious Affections, p.151 (Banner of Truth Edition, 2004)


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