Seeing Your Sin as a Sign of Hope

One issue that I have frequently had to deal with in counseling Christians is doubt. Oftentimes the doubt is a direct result of their sin. People see so much sin in their own life that they begin to think they can’t possibly be a Christian. While it is possible that they may not truly know the Lord Jesus Christ, more often, the ability to see sin in our own life is an evidence of grace. It is a difference between the hypocrite and the saint.

Here is what Jonathan Edwards had to say about the subject:

He who has a false hope has not that sight of his own corruptions which the saint has. A true Christian has ten times so much to do with his heart and its corruptions as a hypocrite: and the sins of his heart and practice appear to him in their blackness; they look dreadful; and it often appears a very mysterious thin that any grace can be consistent with such corruption, or should be in such a heart. But a false hope hides corruption, covers it all over, and the hypocrite looks clean and bright in his own eyes.

My friend, seeing your sin does not mean that you are saved. But, failing to see your sin is an evidence that you are not.

Pray that God will give you an ever increasing awareness of your sinfulness. And pray that He will then give you an even greater understanding of the grace of Jesus, who died for that sin on Calvary.

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters

Source: Jonathan Edwards, The Religious Affections, p. 101 (Banner of Truth, 2204 edition)


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