Blind Eyes, Cold Hearts

One of the things that often troubles me is how unimpressed people who claim to love Jesus are with God and the Bible. So often, the Bible, church, fellowship with God’s family are the lowest priority in their lives. They seem to care more about football or the latest movie, than the truth of God’s Word. (For those that know me –I’ recognize my guilt in this too.)
Think about it. What dominates the conversation after church? Is it truth from the Word of God? Or is it what you watched last night on T.V.?

Jonathan Edwards provides an interesting insight on this subject. He reminds us in The Religious Affections that true religion will always produce strong affections (desires of the heart and mind).

If the great things of religion are rightly understood, they will affect the heart. The reason why men are not affected by such infinitely great, important, glorious and wonderful things, as they often hear and read of in the Word of God, is undoubtedly because they are blind; if they were not so, it would be impossible, and utterly inconsistent with human nature, that their hearts should be otherwise than strongly impressed, and greatly moved by such things.

When something affects the heart, it dominates us. It motivates us. It elicits praise and worship.

The reason we find God so unimpressive is that we haven’t really seen Him! Pray that your pastor this week will show you God. Pray that God will open your eyes to see Him.

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters


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