Dealing with Discontent

This afternoon, I discovered that I share a common sin with Jonathan Edwards — discontent.  So, I appreciated his analysis of the problem and his solution:

Here’s his analysis of the problem:

‘Tis a great dishonor to Christ in whom I hope I have an interest, to be uneasy at my worldly state and condition.  When I see the prosperity of others, and that all things go easy with them; the world is smooth to them, and they are happy in many respects, and very prosperous, or are advanced to much honor, etc. to grudge and envy them, or be the least uneasy at it: to wish or long for the same prosperity, and that it would ever be so with me.

Here is his solution:

Wherefore concluded always to rejoice in everyone’s prosperity, and to expect for myself no happiness of that nature as long as I live; but depend upon afflictions and betake myself entirely to another happiness.

Source: Diary Jan 10, 1972; in Smith, Stout & Minkema, A Jonathan Edwards Reader, p. 367


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