Quotes from Thomas Watson

Here are some quotes I gathered from Thomas Watson, a puritan, as I studied this week:

On Happiness

It [blessedness] does not lie in the acquisition of worldly things. Happiness cannot by any art of chemistry be extracted here. –Thomas Watson, The Beatitudes, p.25

On Discontent

If a man were crowned with all the delights of the world, nay, if God should build him a house among the stars, yet the restless eye of his unsatisfied mind would be looking still higher. He would be prying beyond the heavens for some hidden rarities which he thinks he has not yet attained to; so unquenchable is the thirst of the soul till it come to bathe in the river of life and to center upon true blessedness. — Thomas Watson, The Beatitudes, p.27

On Blessing (Jesus’ or the World)

Observe how Christ’s doctrine and the opinion of carnal men differ. They think, ‘Blessed are the rich.’ The world would count him blessed who could have Midas’ wish, that all he touched might be turned into gold. But Christ says, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit.’ The world thinks, Blessed are they on the pinnacle; but Christ pronounces them blessed who are in the valley. Christ’s reckonings and the world’s do not agree. – Thomas Watson, The Beatitudes, p.39

On Poverty of Spirit

‘Poor in spirit’ then signifies those who are brought to the sense of their sins, and seeing no goodness themselves, despair in themselves and sue wholly to the mercy of God in Christ. – Thomas Watson, The Beatitudes, p. 42

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters


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