Friday Quotations

Here are some quotes from my studies this week.


On Pride and Humility

“At every stage of our Christian development, and in every sphere of our Christian discipleship, pride is our greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend.”—John Stott

On Holiness and Success

“It is unearthly men that acquire and keep a heavenly influence in the churches; and they acquire it in all the churches of Christ.” (Author unknown, found in Baxter, Directory,xxii)

On God’s Lordship

“For He is not God, if he be not the Creator, and therefore our Owner, our Ruler, and Benefactor, our absolute Lord, our most righteous Governor, and our most loving Father or Benefactor.” –Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, p.10


“God must be absolutely submitted to, and obeyed before all others in the world, and loved above all friends, or pleasures, or creatures whatsoever. For to say, He is my Owner, is to say, I must yield myself to him as his own; to say, I take him for my Supreme Governor, is to say, that I will absolutely be ruled by him; and to say, I take him as my dearest Father or chief Benefactor, is to say, that I am obliged to give him my dearest love, and highest thanks; otherwise you do but jest, or say you know not what, or contradict yourselves, while you say, He is your God.” –Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, p. 10)

On the necessity of Church Discipline

“But because some persons, in their hatred of discipline, recoil from its very name, let them understand this: if no society, indeed, no house which has even a small family, can be kept in proper condition without discipline, it is much more necessary in the church, whose condition should be as ordered as possible.” –John Calvin, Institutes, 4.XII.1

On receiving and giving correction

“The first foundation of discipline is to provide a place for private admonition; that is, if anyone does not perform his duty willingly, or behaves insolently, or does not live honorably, or has committed any act deserving blame—he should allow himself to be admonished; and when the situation demands it, every man should endeavor to admonish his brother.” – John Calvin, Institutes, 4.XII.2

On fasting

“To sum them up: whenever a controversy over religion arises which ought to be settled by either a synod or an ecclesiastical court, whenever there is a question about choosing a minister, whenever, finally, any difficult matter of great importance is to be discussed, or again when there appear the judgments of the Lord’s anger (as pestilence, war, and famine)—that is a holy ordinance and one salutary for all ages, that pastors urge the people to public fasting and extraordinary prayers.” –John Calvin, institutes, 4.XII.14


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