I’m Back, I Think . . .

September 30, 2006

I think I’m back.  I say I think, because I have still been having problems with WordPress eating my blog posts.  But, I think I may have found a work around.  In the meantime, I’d like to let you know about some of the plans I have for this blog in the future. 

First, as a pastor and a lover of Jesus Christ, I am burdened by the American church’s Biblical illiteracy.  So, I am working on a plan to address that in my blog.  Stay tuned.

Second, I have been repeatedly challenged to find a pastor or theologian from ages past and make a habit of reading their work.  The idea is for them to become a mentor of sorts as I study the Scriptures.  I hope to carve out some time on Friday’s to read and blog as I do this.

Third, I will continue to try and provide encouraging quotes, thoughts, reflections and applications from my studies.

In the meantime, you can find my recent sermons and book reviews at the Heritage Valley Bible Church website (click here).  The sermons are here and the book reviews are here.

I hope that this site will continue to bless you and strengthen you as you pursue Jesus.

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters


Book Review: Gregg Harris The Christian Home School

September 30, 2006

I purchased this book for two reasons: my wife and I are interested in home schooling our daughter, and I have been very impressed by Gregg’s sons Josh, Alex and Brett Harris.  I now know that he has other children as well, but these are the ones I am familiar with through their public and growing ministries.  Josh is the author of a number of excellent Christian books, Alex and Brett run a website The Rebelution, which encourages teenagers to rise above the low expectations society sets for them.  My thought was that a man who is devoted to home-schooling and has succeeded in raising sons of the caliber of Josh, Alex and Brett is worth listening too.  I was not disappointed. Although, I do have a few concerns about this book.

Gregg is a passionate man and his passion runs throughout this book.  Many might be a little put off by his strong statements about both the public school system and the Christian school system.  I fear that some of his comments might fuel divisiveness in the church regarding schooling options.  While I do think that home-schooling is an excellent option, and the one I personally prefer, I think that the public schools and Christian schools are viable options for parents.  The main issue is that parents embrace their God-given responsibility and duty to raise and educate their children, regardless of which option they chose. 

That said, Gregg presents a passionate case for the superiority of home-schooling that Christian parents would do well to consider.  Gregg’s book is a thorough introduction to home-schooling.  He offers helpful chapters on transition, curriculum selection and support groups.  He provides contact information for various groups (I have not verified if this information is still valid).  I particularly enjoyed the chapter on “Delight Directed Study”.  This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.  He also strongly advocates developing a family business.  Not all families will be able to do this, but it is interesting advice for those who might.

This is a helpful and passionate book. Because of Gregg Harris’ passion, it should be read with discernment.  There are times when he states his views so strongly that you almost feel that doing something different would be sin (although he doesn’t say this!).  This book will provoke you and cause you to think.  It will also help and encourage you if you decide to take the step of home-schooling.  But please, remember that others may take a different stance.  We are not to judge each other, but accept one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

You can buy the book by clicking here

In Christ

Pastor Mike