Book Review: Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

Book Review: J. Ligon Duncan & Susan Hunt Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

I picked up this book from my wife’s reading stack and I am glad I did.  This is an extremely helpful book for those who desire a Biblical women’s ministry that embraces women’s God-given role in life, marriage and the Church.

Duncan and Hunt understand that God created women to fulfill the roles of helpers and life-givers.  They will also typically hold the roles of wife and mother.  Duncan and Hunt, graciously but firmly, stick to what the Bible says about the need for women to be submissive to the elders of the church and the need for male leadership within the church.  However, they also lay out a rich vision for an effective, powerful, compassionate women’s ministry.  In fact, they insist that it is absolutely vital for churches to embrace women’s ministry in order to combat the false views of womanhood that dominate our culture, promote Biblical marriages and family life, and effectively disciple women in a way that affirms and celebrates their womanhood. 

The chapter titles reveal the key concepts that need to be woven throughout a Biblical Woman’s ministry: submission, compassion, community, discipleship and scripture. I greatly appreciated the emphasis on multi-generational woman’s ministry and the need to relate the ministry to the larger life, teaching and ministry of the church.  I also found the positive emphasis on what women can, should and must do within the church refreshing.  All too often, we focus on what they cannot do, forgetting the valuable roles they have.

My one criticism was that Hunt particularly seems to overemphasize the word “covenant”.  This is not surprising due to her Presbyterian background, but I felt the constant addition of “covenant” in discussion of community a little repetitive. I believe the principles would be the same by simply referring to the concept of community and family that God calls His people to be.

Regardless, this is a refreshing, helpful book that both
Elders and Women’s ministry leaders should read.  It challenged me to rethink how I approach and support women’s ministry in the church I have the privilege of pastoring.

You can purchase the book by clicking here.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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