The Bible and the Church

How do you make decisions in your Church?  Do you just ask “does it work”? Or, do you consciously and regularly look to God’s Word?

“The Bible is to have a controlling influence in our lives and in our ministry in the local church. . . The people and the house we serve are not ours; they are His.  It is vital that we live and minister in accordance with His Book.  This is completely counterintuitive in our pragmatic culture.  We want to minister our way.  We want to set up ourown rules and define the game plan. But Paul emphasizes that if we are to grow in grace as a congregation, if we are to be what He has called us to be, we have to live and minister according to the Book.–Ligon Duncan, Pastor First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi.

Next time you face a decision in your church life–be the voice that cries out, “What has God said about this?”

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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