R.C. Sproul’s Holiness of God–A Review

If God is holy at all, if God has an ounce of justice in His character, indeed if God exists as God, how could He possibly be anything but angry with us?  We violate his holiness; we insult His justice; we make light of His grace.  These things can hardly be pleasing to Him.

In his classic book, The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul relentlessly hammers home the reality of these truths.  He takes us into the trembling, smoke-filled
Temple as Isaiah unravels in the presence of a Holy God.  He shocks us with the sudden deaths of two rising priests, Nahab and Abihu.  He displays Uzzah, sprawled dead in the mud, after touching the Ark of God.  R.C. takes us to the edge of hell to show us the reality of God’s just wrath. 

Praise God, he doesn’t leave us there!  R.C. knows and loves the gospel of God’s grace.  Through his pen, the cool breeze of God’s mercy will wash over you as you lean over Luther’s shoulder and discover that God’s justice is “that righteousness by which through grace and sheer mercy God justifies us through faith.” You will know the peace of being comfortable in God’s presence.

R.C. is an engaging writer.  He has a knack for bringing deep theological truth alive in vivid and simple, but profound ways.  His illustrations move from terribly dark, to laugh out loud funny.  But, his point is inescapable.  I am thankful for the headache that drove him to contemplate the holiness of God.  He has performed a great service by reminding us that God is Holy. He is just.  We must not assume grace or presume upon His mercy.  Yet, we can find mercy freely offered in Jesus Christ.

This is a must read book that will deepen your love for God.  It will heighten your respect for Him.  And, it will give you a profound love and appreciation for what Jesus did on your behalf.

Please feel free to use these study questions to deepen your interaction with this book.  Click here for the questions.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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