Holiness of God Study Questions

Here are some study questions for use with R.C. Sproul’s, Holiness of God.

Chapter 1

1.      As he opens his book, R.C. Sproul depicts a tremendous encounter with the presence of God that radically changed him.  What prompted this encounter? 

2.      What is the modern theory of creation?  Why is it more miraculous than the Biblical account?

3.      What problem does R.C. say he had as he began to know about God?

4.      Why is the study of God’s holiness important?  

Chapter 2

1.      What is the great hope of both the Jewish person and the Christian?  

2.      What is the significance of repeating “holy” three times in Isaiah 6:3?   

3.      How does Isaiah react to his vision of God?  

Chapter 3—The Fearful Mystery

1.      What does the word “holy” mean?  

2.      What is “transcendence”?  What does it have to do with God?  

3.      How does holiness relate to the other attributes of God?  

4.      What comes to your mind when you think of God’s holiness? What emotions do you experience?

Chapter 4—The Trauma of Holiness

1.      How do the disciples react when Jesus stills the storm? How does Peter react when he catches the huge catch of fish?  What do these reactions teach about holiness?

2.      What analogies does Sproul use to show our fear and dislike of the holy?   

Chapter 5—The Insanity of Luther

1.      What was the root of Luther’s “insanity”?  

2.      How does Luther’s understanding of the Law point to our problem with God’s holiness?  

Chapter 6—Holy Justice

1.      What is your reaction to the stories of Nahab, Abihu and Uzzah?

2.      According to Sproul, what don’t we understand that causes us to react with offense and surprise at God killing these men?  

3.      Why does Sproul say that the Old Testament Law is a law of “astonishing grace”?  

Chapter 7—War and Peace

1.      What did Jacob, Job, Habakkuk and Paul have in common?  What was the result in each of their lives?  

2.      What fruit of justification does Sproul emphasize in this chapter?  What is the surprising result of this fruit?  

Chapter 8—Be Ye Holy

1.      What does the Bible call believers?  Why are they called this?   

2.      What is our proper response to what Jesus has done for us?  

3.      Why is it important to grasp the call to be “transformed” as opposed to simple “non-conformity”?  What will be necessary if you want to be “transformed”?  

Chapter 9—God in the Hand of Angry Sinners

1.      How do we reveal our hatred of God?  

2.      According to Sproul what is the problem with semi-pelagian or arminian theology?   

3.  How can you love a holy God?

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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