God’s Just Judgment

God’s justice in judgment is frequently challenged.  Many assume that it is unfair for God to judge this person or that person, particularly if they have not heard about Jesus. 

In his book, Desiring God, John Piper states that:

When every human being stands before God on the day of judgment, God would not have to use one sentence of Scripture to show us our guilt and the appropriateness of our condemnation. He would need only to ask three questions: 1) Was it not plain in nature that everything you had was a gift, and that you were dependent on your Maker for life and breath and everything? 2) Did not the judicial sentiment in your own heart always hold other people guilty when they lacked the gratitude they should have had in response to a kindness you performed? 3) Has your life been filled with gratitude and trust toward me in proportion to my generosity and authority?  Case closed.

By this standard, every one of us stands condemned.  Even as one who knows and believes in Jesus, I fail this test.  Praise God that Jesus offers His perfect righteousness and stands in our place bearing God’s wrath.   What a reminder of my daily need for grace. 

I pray that the awareness of your guilt before God and the mercy He offers you in Jesus will lead to an overflowing love for God.  I also hope that you will never question the justice of God’s judgment.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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