Relationships with Unbelievers

I always find it interesting when similar ideas show up in my studies.  It is unpredictable and usually unexpected.  Because I believe God is sovereign over every event of my life, I suspect that He is trying to tell me something through His Word and the ministry of other believers focused on His Word.

Lately, the theme of –relationships with unbelievers–continually confronts me. Personally, this is not an issue, since I am joyfully married.  However, it is an issue that never seems to die in ministry to young adults and singles.

It began with a post from girltalk, emphasizing making the hard choice to obey Jesus over dating a non-Christian.  You can, and should, read the post by clicking here.

It continued as I read Mark Dever’s sermon on 1 Kings in Promises Made.He points out that after a tremendous beginning of personal and national blessing, “Solomon’s non-Israelite wives lead Solomon into the worship of of false gods, just as God, through Moses, had warned would happen when Israelites married foreigners who worshipped false gods.”

Please pay attention!  Entering or continuing a relationship with an unbeliever will be deadly to your spiritual life.  Do you really think you are stronger and wiser than Solomon?  Do you think you are smarter than God?

God has placed unbelievers off-limits for a reason.  He knows that when you give them your heart, they will lead you away from Him.  It may be hard, but for your own good and spiritual safety–Don’t enter or continue a relationship with a non-believer.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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