A New Feminisim and a Happy Home

Click here for an insightful link on feminisim and the joys of the home.  It is an address by Harvey C. Mansfield, at the Hillsdale College Commencement.

The speech does not mention God or the Biblical instructions regarding gender roles.  But, it does provide great practical insight on the benefits and need to embrace the roles that God lays out. 

Here is an excerpt I particularly liked:  

To a woman, home is where your husband lives and where your children learn. In the best and also in the normal case, it is suffused with love. For the great majority of human beings, happiness is found in a happy home. To be the manager of a home is the moderate and attainable ambition of most women; it is the place where they find honor and joy. It is where they most readily find “recognition,” if we must use that word.

I am particularly thankful that my wife embraces and delights in her role as a wife, mother and homemaker.  I hope you enjoy reading.

In Christ

Pastor Mike

(HT: Al Mohler)


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