Be a Hypocrite?

No one wants to be a hypocrite.  But, according to R.C. Sproul, that accusation may be unavoidable.

No minister is worthy of his calling.  Every preacher is vulnerable to the charge of hypocrisy.  In fact, the more faithful a preacher is to the Word of God in his preaching, the more liable he is to the charge of hypocrisy.  Why? Because the more faithful a man is to the Word of God the higher the message is that he will preach. The higher the message the further he will be from obeying it himself.  (Taken from: R.C. Sproul, The Holiness of God, p49)

Don’t be a hypocrite, but make your message so faithful to the Bible that you can’t avoid being called one on occasion. 

In Christ

Pastor Mike

P.S. The same applies to those who are not preachers and pastors.  You have a message too.  Make sure it is faithful to God and the Bible.


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