The Pastoral Pursuit of Christ


The human heart is so fond of legalism that, without a constant meditation on the grace of God given us in Christ, we will imagine that our spiritual achievements are reflective of our spiritual state. Pursuing Christ has the opposite effect. It shows us that any spiritual health we have is found only in Christ and that every success we have in ministry is found only in Christ. The glory goes entirely to Him.

Without understanding that our devotional life is primarily about pursuing Christ, we might see the development of our gifts in ministry as the ultimate end of our devotions. We long to know the Bible better so that we can minister better to people. We long to pray more, so that our ministry might flourish. We long to have devotions that can be a better model to our people. All these are good desires, so long as they don’t rival the primacy of the pursuit of Christ as the great end in our devotions. Jesus Himself must be our chief desire!

This a quote from a very helpful article by Mike Gilbart-Smith on the Pastor’s Devotion.  The article can be found by clicking here.  It is a little longer, but well worth your time.

In Christ

Pastor Mike


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