Enjoy Leviticus

Leviticus is not a book that most Christians turn to with excitement and joy.  But, like every part of God’s Word, it has tremendous value for the believer. Here are some observations from Mark Dever’s sermon on Leviticus in Promises Made that I found particularly helpful:

·        God’s expectation of holiness.  The book of Leviticus makes it very clear that God expects us to serve Him as He instructs, not in whatever way we think is best.  I recognize that in Christ we don’t have the same elaborate system of worship; but the principle remains.  We must serve God as He instructs.

·        The Laws regarding the clean, unclean, holy and common.  First, these show that nothing is neutral.  Everything we do and touch is to be evaluated in light of God’s Word.  Second, the distinctions served to instruct
Israel not to incorporate the practices of the surrounding nations in their worship. 

·        The sacrificial system.  Dever does an excellent job showing how the sacrificial system shows the reality of sin and our need of Jesus.

If you have ever struggled with understanding Leviticus—read this chapter.  It will help you grow in understanding of the holiness that God requires of His people.

In Christ

Pastor Mike

P.S. I now have internet access again, however I will be keeping a lighter schedule for the next week as we finish getting our new home set up.  I am not sure how this will affect the frequency of posts but I should be up and running on a full schedule by the 19th.  Check back, though, there may be posts in the interim.


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