Little Faith, Big Faith

Do you ever feel that you can’t do the things God calls you to do?  Do you feel that there are too many needs and not enough resources?  There simply isn’t enough time, money or energy?  I know I do.

As I was reading through the Gospel of Mark, I was reminded that the issue is not my resources but my faith!  It is simply too little!

In Mark 6:30-52, two events happen that reveal the problem of “little faith.”  First, the disciples see a need to feed the crowds gathered for Jesus teaching, but don’t recognize their resources.  They want to send the crowds away.  Jesus wants to show them that God will provide all they need to minister to people in His name.  He takes five loaves and two fish and feeds 5,000 men (not to mention the women and children).  Second, Jesus sends the disciples across the Sea of Galilee and then in the middle of the night takes a stroll across the water.  The disciples are terrified. The reason—they didn’t understand the power of God they had just witnessed in the feeding of the 5,000.  Why?  Their hearts were hard.  They were blind to the character and power of God.

The lesson is that we don’t need to fear as we step out to minister.  God has prepared the good works He intends for us to do (see Ephesians 2:10).  He is the Creator and Sovereign Lord.  If we reflect on who He is, we should realize that He will not leave us without the resources we need to do His will.

Let’s have “big faith.”  Let’s see the multitudes in need of personal ministry and step out in faith, not worried about the resources.

In Christ

Pastor Mike Walters


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